Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Christmas Girft

Hi everyone, Keeley here, I hope you are all well? I know I said I had finished with Christmas I just had to share this one with you all, it's  gift bag is for my son. 

Me and my daughter made together for him as a Christmas Card,  she's only 4, and insisted on helping me, so things my seem a little scattered, as she was adamant where things was to go!

I think she's seen me make too many cards and I think she going to be a perfectionist, if it didn't go her way she threw a wobbly!

We added lots of glitter to the snowflakes and fluffy puffy stuff to the trees and she asked if we could use to Skates to decorate the back.

Then the tag that came with the kit, we used to write our Christmas message on, and she wanted to tuck it in behind the trees.

Here's the finished 2 gift bags made for my son and daughter, two completely different looks with lots of Christmassy dies and traditional ones too.

I filled them both with mini Marsh Mallows, which came as a total surprise to them both, as my daughter wanted to fill it with Buttons!

Well thank you for stopping by today I do hope you have enjoyed my creation, and remember do visit our Facebook Page for more Inspiration!