Monday, 9 November 2015

Pocket Advent Calendar

Hi and good morning everyone! Today I have to share a special project with you. As you already know I love to make Pocket Letters. In a FB group someone brought the idea up to make a Pocket Advent Calendar. I found this such a wonderful idea and gave it a go. Here is how it turned out. The Noor! Design UK webshop haves all the products you need for.

It needs three pocket pages, eight days a page. Below you can see all my three pages...

page two...

page three...

To keep all my pages together I bond them together with some ribbon bows. 

Behind each numbered pocket is a little wrapped gift hidden. It's meant to open them on the day said in front. How much fun!

I hope you like the idea too and perhaps want to create a calendar too? It's so much fun to do. I also have a second one in progress as I have two ladies I swap them. Looking forward to the Christmas countdown!

The products used can be ordered in the Noor! Design U.K. webshop:


  1. A lot of work, but the result is so beautiful!!!
    Hugsss, Gaby

  2. Wow..........truly amazing is your creation l just adore your images and papers used! x